There is No Substitute. . .

I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to regain the health that I lost quite suddenly as a teenager.  The process has been full of highs and lows, successes and failures.  But after a recent health “crash,” I was reminded yet again that there is NO substitute for a healthy diet.  I can pop pills and take supplements all day long, but without the foundation of a pure, whole foods diet, I will not be able to achieve the results that I am looking for, mainly more energy and less pain.  It is so easy to gradually slide into bad habits – for me, taking the time to cook and prepare fresh foods is the biggest struggle.  I want to accomplish other things during the day and allow this priority to slide. . .  soon we are eating from the freezer, eating out more and skimping by with little thought put into the next meal.  Over time, my body tells me that it is not happy with my nutrient-depleted fare.  But since this doesn’t happen all of a sudden, I often don’t make the connection until I am feeling horrible.  At this point, I often try to make up for my lack of energy with a large dose of vitamins and nutritional support.  But I have learned yet again, that supplements alone will not make up for my poor choices.  My body was designed to run on pure, whole foods.  This truth will never change, so I guess I better be the one to change – for good.

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